Digital Designer

Hi, my name is Michael and you’ve stumbled knowingly or not into my mind. I’m a multidisciplinary designer that works within art direction and creative direction with a background in photography. Currently I’m available for independent projects and agency work, so why not explore a little to see if we might be a good fit.





About my work

My work is shaped by my belief in the power of telling authentic stories. I am passionate about creating culturally relevant work. In this day and age of social media and short attention spans, a captivating visual with a core message is worth more than just a thousand words.



This is the process that I use for most projects unless stated otherwise. It’s tried and tested. It always starts with the brief, because it sets the direction for the entire project.

I’ve found that it’s crucial to understand who the target audience is, what the objectives are and the unique selling point of the brand.

After understanding the brief I like to do research to get a better sense of how the brand is positioned. I take a look at different touch points the brand has including social media, website, etc…

Depending on the objectives of the project I like to see what competitors have done in the past and with what success. I also try to find where they may have fallen short and where there is a gap. Often times the gap can become the special thing that really makes a project succeed.

Once I’ve done research, I use my findings as a basis for the "big idea" or concept that will be the focus of the project. Next, I break the various elements of the concept into a deck for the brand to review.

These vary from project to project but they often include photo examples, type options, colors chosen around a specific theme and examples of other projects for inspiration. After approval I move into production.



What I do: I tell stories strategically. I try to bridge the gap between brands and their audience through authentic and relatable stories. I create personalities or if one exists I try to bring it to the forefront. I believe brands should be more than just what they do.

How do I do what I do: I rely on different mediums, but I have the most experience in the digital landscape. However, recently I've had the opportunity to engage more with experiential formats. I'm excited to add to my ever-growing skillset.

Who I do what I do for: I’m open to working with any brand, whether personal or otherwise, as long as you are open to creating something new, are willing to be vulnerable with your audience, and are passionate about creating something interesting.

Why I do what I do: I believe that when brands allow themselves to really understand who their audience is and decide to join that community, amazing ideas develop. That’s real innovation. That’s real authenticity. That’s what I want to be apart of.

2022 — Google Career Certificate / Digital Marketing & e-commerce

2021 — General Assembly / UX/UI Design

2020 — Design Lab / UI Design Certificate